WR Compositi・Victory カーボンステム(UD・ホワイトロゴ)

Price: 40,456円






The WR Compositi Victory is a carbon fiber stem with a 3K finish, and is the choice of both road and off-road athletes thanks to the optimal weight-to-rigidity ratio. Like all WR Compositi products, the Victory stem is designed, developed and produced entirely in Italy.

It is available in two angles, -6 ° and -17 °, and 5 lengths. The choice of sizes ensures maximum precision in terms of positioning riders.

With a 31.7 mm handlebar clamp diameter, for 1 1/8” steerers, and and in order to maintain excellent weight-to-strength characteristics, all bolts are high-grade titanium.

The Victory stem comes in a glossy or matte finish with either black or white logos, with a 3K or UD finish. When ordered as part of an complete bicycle, all accessories can be custom-painted to match the frame.

VICTORY カーボンステムは、四角断面形状を持つ、フルカーボン製の超高剛性軽量ステムです。


■素材 : Carbon fiber T800 monocoque
■Lamination : UD
■ボルト類素材 : チタン
■ハンドルクランプ径 : φ31.6 mm
■フォーククランプ径 : φ28.6 mm (1-1/8")
■アングル : -6°/ -17°
■ステム長(mm) : 100 ・ 110 ・ 120 ・ 130
■仕上 : Gloss ・ Matte
■カラー : ブラック × ホワイトロゴ
■参考重量 : 約 125 g (100mm)

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