WR compositi・S1 Alpha カーボンサドル(130mm幅)

Price: 45,518円





The WR Compositi S1 Alpha saddle is one of the lightest saddles available on the market, made entirely out of carbon fiber, it retains a high level of comfort thanks to the ergonomic design. The WR Compositi S1 Alpha saddle has a 1K carbon fiber finish, is Kevlar reinforced and has an average weight of 65g.

Your saddle is arguably one of the most important components of your bicycle as it is your main point of contact with your bicycle.

Perfect for cyclists looking to reduce the overall weight of their bicycle, the WR Compositi saddle has a functional design and is aesthetically pleasing. A ground-breaking design, the saddle and rails are all one piece creating a very solid structure while reducing the overall amount of material used.

This saddle is the ultimate racing saddle, is suitable for both road and off-road uses, and is designed for flexible athletes with a maximum rider weight of 110kg.

Saddle is suitable to use with all seatposts equipped with a top-bottom clamp plate tightening system. It is not suitable to use with seatposts that have a SideBinder clamp tightening system.





■体重制限 : 85 kg
■締め付けトルク : 4 Nm
■アジャスト前後幅 : 約 70 mm
■シェル素材 : カーボン T1000
■レール素材 : カーボン T1000
■サドル幅(mm) : 130
■サドル長さ(mm) : 255 ・ 262
■カラー : ブラック
■仕上 : 1K Carbon Fiber / GLOSS (つや有り) ・ MATTE (つや消し)
■重量 : 約 52 g (+/-5g)

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