Wilier・Zero.6 カーボンフレーム(ブラック×コッパー・2017 NEW)

Price: 589,691円





680 grams:
a frame that challenges the limits of the possible It is not difficult to eliminate 100 grams from a standard frame. We have done it many times over the years. But if we have to take 100 grams off a frame that weighs less than 800 grams, the going gets tough, if not impossible. We are talking about almost 15% of the total weight. It has been possible only by exploiting two dedicated years of research, testing and road-trials. A new carbon fibre called DIALED™, produced by Mitsubishi Japan and blended with a new production process has finally allowed us to reach this target weight. But the biggest challenge has been to combine this lightness with the extreme manoeuvrability and exceptional handling that has made our products famous the world over. This then not only involved research into reducing the weight, but also into our production process and the finest constructional details of the frame. The Zero.6 comes with a unique matt black finishing, polished decals and copper highlighting to recall the iconic colours of the very first Wilier Triestina bikes. In addition, to mark the whole 110th anniversary project, the fork will carry the specially created logo for this commemorative project. The Zero.6 will be offered to the public equipped with top of the range Campagnolo, Shimano and Sram transmissions.

Wilier Triestina & Montegrappa Pen:
a collector’s combination Those lucky enough to get their hands on one of the 200 Zero.6's will also receive a precious Montegrappa writing instrument. A centenarian brand from Bassano del Grappa, Italy, Montegrappa is one of the most famous and prestigious companies producing absolute jewels for writing. The Miya Carbon pen that comes with the Zero.6 is a special edition created specifically to celebrate our 110th anniversary. They are thus a collector’s combination, produced in limited edition, to exalt the values that have propelled us and Montegrappa to the top of the high-end manufacturing world scene.

■An aggressive race machine commemorating Wilier's 110th anniversary
■Limited to only 200 units
■Blends heritage aesthetics and modern innovation
■Copper and black color scheme pays homage to Wilier's first bikes
■Lightest frame Wilier has ever made
■New carbon construction and tight geometry translates
■Wilier Triestina displays racing pedigree and a boutique approach
■Includes limited edition Montegrappa Miya Carbon pen

■フレーム素材 : Carbon monocoque
■フロントフォーク素材 : Carbon monocoque
■サイズ : XS ・ S ・ M ・ L
■カラー : ブラック × コッパー (Zero.6 110°)

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