THOMSON・ELITE シートポスト・12° TOP & BOTTOM CLAMPS(オーバーサイズ・ブラック)

Price: 2,200円


This Thomson Oversize Seat Clamp is for saddles with carbon rails as they tend to be oval and larger, 7 × 9 mm and 7 × 10 mm being the common over-sized rail dimension. There are also Downhill and BMX saddles with round metal rails at 8 and 9 mm. So, if you have rails larger than 7 mm do you need this seat clamp? Maybe, maybe not. Thomson’s standard rail clamps can accommodate rails up to 7 × 10mm, but riders using their setback post with over-sized rails may have issues getting the saddle nose down. If this is you, the over-sized seat clamp will give you about 5 to 8 more degrees of nose down adjustment. The over-sized seat clamp is also more cosmetically appealing than the standard clamps on over-sized rails. This seat clamp is okay for use on carbon saddle rails and is compatible with any Thomson Elite or Masterpiece seatpost.


■対応レールサイズ : オーバーサイズ ( 7 × 9 mm ・ 7 × 10 mm )
■カラー : ブラック
■セット内容 : 上側シートレールベース × 1ケ ・ 下側シートレールベース × 1ケ