Selle SAN MARCO・ASPIDE RACING + OPEN サドル(142mm・ブラック 2015)


A new inimitable ergonomy for a model with a unique style and an easy shape, that expresses lightness, comfort and strong appeal. The big hole assures a best relief determining a perfect balance between the support zone and the relief zone in all the different situations of pedalling. The central relief zone is long enough to work in all the riding positions but a structural stability bridge prevents unwanted flex and twist. A really comfortable and light saddle for high end performances of discerning riders.

■カバー : マイクロフィール
■パッド : BIOFOAM
■レール素材 : エクシライト
■サイズ(mm) : 幅142 × 長さ277
■カラー : ブラック
■重量 : 約 180 g