OAKLEY・Tour de France RACING JACKET(PolishedWhite×RedIridiumVtd)

Price: 34,100円


Oakley has offered a number of their sport sunglasses in special editions, and the Tour de France editions are always a favorite. This TdF Racing Jacket is clean and sharp, and offers a great lens combination and excellent value. The fit and function of the Racing Jacket design is simply awesome, and the model has been exceptionally popular for cycling and everyday use.

When we talk about utility of using eyewear as a tool, we're referring to the ability to have several lenses and a quick change lens system. This allows the user to adapt to the current light environment for a true sports-based eyewear design. Now, about the lens change. Oakley developed the Switchlock quick release system which allows you to quickly change lenses by the simple flip of a switch located on the arm of glasses. The switch is molded into the curvature of the arm, so when it is not being used, its barely visible. An audible click lets you know when the switch is engaged and the lens is secure. As you would expect from Oakley engineers, the action is smooth and the function is flawless.

The Racing Jacket frames are constructed from Oakley's O Matter material. It is a solid combination of being flexible enough for comfort but rigid enough for structure and lens support. As expected, you get Oakley's Three-Point Fit. This means the eyewear only touches each side of your head and the bridge of your nose. These three contact points have Oakley's Unobtanium super grip material with gives solid hold and security while riding. The single pin hinge is robust and offers crisp action when opening and closing the arms.

Since the Racking Jacket is a top offering, you get all of Oakley's best technology. This includes HDO (High Definition Optics) for clarity of vision and impact resistance, Plutonite UV protection and Hydrophobic water repellency and smudge protection. Lastly, Iridium treatment provides glare reduction and a tuned light transmission in brighter conditions.

■Tour de France edition Racing Jacket with two lens options
■Switchlock Technology for easy and rapid lens changes
■XYZ Optics extends sharp vision to lens periphery
■Hydrophobic lens coating repels water and smudges
■Unobtanium rubber-like earsocks and nose grippers
■Iridium coating for glare reduction and offer a tuned light transmission
■Plutonite lens filters UV rays and offers impact protection
■HDO Hi-Def optics offers unbeatable clarity
■Three Point Fit system
■品番 : OO9171-26
■フレーム : Polished White
■レンズ : Red Iridium Vented / VR28 Black Iridium Vented
■FIT :
■可視光線透過率 : 17 % (Red Iridium Vented ・ 10 % (VR28 Black Iridium Vented)
■付属品 : 布状の巾着ケース ・ 保証書 ・ ノーズパット(小)

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