NET サドル(COMIC・by Selle Italia)

Price: 10,713円


Join the Revolution! When this project started, NET by Selle Italia had 4 main goals.
NET wanted their next saddle to bring a revolution to the market: could a saddle be not only lighter, more comfortable, more durable, but also more sustainable? What if they added style and colour into the mix? Bicycles can make such style statements in the urban market, why shouldn’t saddles be the same?
At the same time, NET wanted to be quicker than most overseas productions, while bringing more quality and more imagination to the table. This is how they made it.

Lighter and more Comfortable
The thermoplastic honeycomb shell was designed to allow the Ischial bones to move independently and adapt to various riding styles. The E.V.A. in the padding allows for greater cushioning, while the mesh offers unprecedented ventilation and breathability. The polypropylene structure is also incredibly light, bringing the total weight of the saddle to only 360 gr.

More Durable
The fibres of the mesh from the polypropylene polymer are virtually indestructible and, fort he first time in a saddle, totally waterproof. The E.V.A. retains its cushioning and elastic qualities for a time that is usually longer than the product’s very own life cycle.

More stylish
The special mesh overlay is printable and can be easy to customize, bringing a flash of light in a sea of black saddles. The careful design also sports some wickedly urban colour combinations and patterns in the collection available in stores. A style icon is born. Furthermore the NET saddle is made of lightly Lavender scented material, for an experience, which can encompass all senses.

Eco-friendlier and more efficient
The Net saddle is slotted together without using any banding materials, or other toxic equivalents, all thanks to a new robotized process that lowers the ecological impact of the production. The NET saddle is not only 100% recyclable, but it is also very easily produced. The whole production is 100% made in Italy, and manufactured in one of the most prestigious sporting production districts in the world.

■素材 : Polypropylene polymere ・ EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) ・ C40 Steelマイクロファイバー
■レール : round
■サイズ(mm) : 幅168 × 長さ275
■カラー : イエロー系 (COMIC)
■重量 : 約 360 g

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