LOOK・AL464 P トラックフレームセット(ブラック・2016)

Price: 143,000円  110,000円




Look refers to their AL 464 P frameset as the track school bike. The tag describes the ride well, yet doesn't do it justice. It's fabricated from 6061-series aluminum tubing with a carbon-fiber fork from the steerer to the dropouts, so it has a certain workman-like tube set. At the same time, the geometry was derived from their older 496 track frameset, a world-class track bike, with Olympic and World Championship medals to its credit.

The geometry is aggressive without being twitchy. This is another great feature, particularly for neophytes, for people building up road-worthy fixies, and those who don't spend all their waking hours on banked ovals. It doesn't take too much attention to steer, a plus when you race the track only occasionally, and a benefit for those day-long track sessions.

Keeping with the practical, the fork legs are aero while still being UCI-compliant. And, as a French company, they made sure it met the EN 14781 safety standard. The down tube is teardrop shaped, which is both aero and stiff. The seat tube is large enough to fit a 31.6 seat post, another move to keep the bike both light and stiff. And because the aero down tube is so big, Look uses a straight 1 1/8" steerer.

The bike also covers the rear fork tips with replaceable hardened alloy covers. This way, your track bolts will bite fine, and if you ever happen to over torque, you can replace the flats, and the tips will be as good as new again.

The bike comes with a proprietary Look headset. The bottom bracket is English-threaded. If you want to take this on the street, you can pretty easily; the fork and seat stay bridge are drilled to accept brakes.


■フレーム素材 : 6061 アルミ
■フロントフォーク素材 : カーボン
■BB規格 : BSC (JIS)
■ヘッドセット(付属) : 1-1/8"
■シートポスト径 : φ 31.6 mm
■サイズ(C-T mm) : XS (505) ・ S (525)
■カラー : ブラック
■フレーム重量 : 約 1.600 g (未塗装Mサイズ)
■フォーク重量 : 約 360 g (未塗装Mサイズ)
■付属品 : フロントフォーク ・ヘッドセット ・ シートクランプ

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