Price: 64,574円




The FSA SL-K Light BB386 EVO road crankset features hollow carbon fiber arms for amazing stiffness and low weight. The adaptable BB386EVO 30mm aluminium spindle will fit a wide variety of frames with a range of BB standards. The SL-K Light uses FSA’s latest Asymmetric Bolt Standard now with only four arms with optimized angles. The unidirectional carbon finish, updated graphics and concealed chainring bolts and high-quality 7075 aluminium chainrings with CNC finish make the SL-K Light look as fast as it is.

SL-K Light follows K-Force Light in using of the new BB386 EVO System, which is compatible with Press Fit 30 as well as BB30 and BSA. This is achieved by an increased distance between the bearings. Additionally the enlarged axle enables an improved stiffness and strength in connection with simple adaptors.

■Hollow Carbon arms with UD Carbon finsh
■AL7075 100% CNC chainrings
■AL7075 Torx T-30 alloy chainring bolts
■Finish : UD carbon finish
■Shimano / SRAM 10/11-speed対応
■ABS System for most precise shifting performance
■クランクアーム素材 : monocoque carbon composite with hollow arms
■チェーンリング素材 : aluminium 7075 T6
■スピンドル : aluminium 7050
■チェーンリングボルト素材 : アルミ 7075 Torx T-30
■Axle profile : integrated 30mm BB386 bb axle
■Bolt Circle : 110 mm ABS
■Q-Factor : 147 mm
■チェーンライン : 44 mm
■クランク長(mm) : 170 ・ 172.5 ・ 175
■歯数 : 50 × 34 T
■カラー : black / carbon with red K
■重量 : 約 619 g (bottom bracket無し)



Hollow Carbon

Hollow molded carbon technology

Full Speed Ahead uses a unique air bladder molding technology for all K-Force and SL-K cranksets, yielding a hollow crank arm and spider with an I-beam down the length of the arm. FSA’s hollow cranksets are true monocoque structures delivering great strength and light weight.


The lastest evolution of the BB introduced by FSA belongs to the press fit family.
All for One, One for All

With the proper adapter, this crank will work with most any crankset standard available in the market.
Its symmetrical BB shell has the same overall width of a BSA BB including the cups. This allows the ultimate optimization for stiffness of the frame-shell-crankset assembly.