Price: 28,778円




Not ready for carbon? The Gossamer is a high-end crankset for lovers of aluminium, and with an impressive history of wins on the brutal cobbles of the Paris-Roubaix, it needs no further explanation.

Yet the details can’t be ignored. And not just because of its smoothly integrated design. The cold-forged aluminum arms are heavily scalloped for the maximum strength to weight ratio, while the versatile BB368 spindle is forged from an even stronger aluminium alloy. The 30mm spindle is compatible with English Threaded, Shimano Press Fit and BB30 bottom brackets with just a few simple spacers.

The chainrings are CNC machined from still-tougher 7075 aluminum, and ramped and pinned for the most rapid, precise shifting. Finally, the chainring bolts are chromoly steel for exceptional strength. The Gossamer crank is an impressively lightweight with just 751 grams.

The ABS system – Asymmetric Bolt Spacing is boosting stiffness further. A fifth chainring bolt hidden behind the driveside crank arm delivers extra strength just where it is needed to resist power strokes and keep shifting ultra-crisp.

BB386EVO is based on the existing BB30 system. The revolution of the 30 mm spindle opened the door for the most significant improvement in crank design in many years. BB30 raised the bar for crank set weight, stiffness, and design.

The key is the 30 mm diameter alloy spindle, formed in a high-pressure, low-speed extrusion process. The 30mm spindle improved torsional stiffness, while reducing the spindle, and increasing the contact area between the crank arm and the spindle. The BB386EVO design simply modifies the BB30 design to a wider width, and incorporates a press fit bearing cup, rather than the direct fit bearing of the BB30 system. This slight modification allows the adaptability of the design to other BB shells, and gives the frame builder more landscape to craft their frames.

■Shimano / SRAM 10/11-speed対応
■ABS System for most precise shifting performance
■Laser graphics
■クランクアーム素材 : アルミ 6061/T6
■チェーンリング素材 : アルミ 7075
■チェーンリングボルト素材 : クロモリスチール
■Axle profile : integrated BB 30 mm axle
■Bolt Circle : 110 mm ABS
■Q-Factor : 145 mm
■チェーンライン : 44 mm
■クランク長(mm) : 170 ・ 172.5 ・ 175
■歯数 : 53 × 39 T
■カラー : ブラック × レッド × ホワイト
■重量 : 約 751 g (bottom bracket無し)