fi'zi:k・ARIONE R1 サドル + Mud Guard(レギュラー・TEAM sky)

Price: 27,883円


Limited Edition Saddle designed and developed together with the Pro Tour Team. Unique hangtag design with the Official Team logo. The Pro Tour Team will ride these saddle during the 2017 Season.

New dedicated FI'ZI:K mud guard. ICS compatible - it can be used together with fi'zi:k lights and bags. Perfectly integrated with Arione, Aliante & Antares saddles. In line with fi'zi:k design.

The innovative technology of carbon Thermoplastic Composite WingFlex™ provides the best performance with optimized stiffness-to-weight construction of the Arione R1 saddle. The three-dimensional braided carbon rails with a core of uni-directional carbon-fibers increase strength more than standard carbon rails while providing low weight and great durability.

The WING FLEX™ shell flexes downward in the critical area where the inner thighs contact the saddle allowing for more efficient, full-range movement while pedaling. This feature, combined with the saddle's extended length allows the rider to find the most comfortable sitting position (multiple riding positions), eliminating standard problems of a saddle that is too long, too short, too wide or too narrow. Physically whether the rider has big or small thighs, or a wide or a narrow pelvis, the saddle is adapting to the rider as opposed to the rider adapting to saddle: Custom Fit. WING FLEX™ is a technical innovation that offers riders comfort, health and performance benefits.

この商品は、UCIプロチーム【TEAM SKY】をインスパイアしたスペシャルカラーが施されたリミテッドエディションです。



また、SPINE CONCEPT EVO の理論に基づいて導き出された【レギュラー】サイズの方にお勧めします。


■シェル素材 : Composite carbon co-injected Nylon
■レール素材 : Carbon Braided (7 × 9 mm)
■カバー素材 : Microtex
■サイズ(mm) : 幅132 × 長さ300
■本体カラー : ブラック (Wingflex: Sky Blue)
■重量 : 約 165 g

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