Price: 10,584円


Riders across the globe look to ENVE for cutting-edge and progressive design and their Garmin Computer Mount V2 certainly does not break the mould in this regard. Compatible with the ENVE Road Stem only, the Garmin mount has four mounting positions and a lightweight aluminium design that reduces the vibration of the device while keeping it safe and secure in an ideal heads-up position.

Compatible with a vast range of Garmin Edge and Forerunner computers as well as the Touring Plus computer, The ENVE Garmin Computer Mount is a no-brainer for any rider looking to log and track their data from the comfort of their saddle.

The new V2 version is slightly longer than the original, allowing the mount to easily accommodate the Garmin Edge 1000 computer with a silicone case. The new version also allows you to change the angle of the quarter-turn mount, allowing you to orientate your GPS horizontally or vertically.

ガーミンコンピュータマウントV2は、ENVE Road Stemにのみ対応しています。




新しいV2バージョンはオリジナルよりわずかに長く、マウントがシリコーンケース付きのGarmin Edge 1000コンピュータに、簡単に対応できるようになっています。新バージョンでは、クォーター・タップ・マウントの角度を変更することが可能で、GPSを水平または垂直に向けることができます。

■Compatible with Garmin Edge 200, 500, 510, 800, 810, 820, 1000, and Touring Plus
■Compatible with Garmin Forerunner 310XT and 910XT with Garmin Quick Release Kit
■Designed for use with the ENVE Road Stem only
■Reversible for four mounting positions
■Bolt max torque : 5.5 Nm
■本体素材 : アルミ
■ボルト素材 : stainless
■カラー : ブラック
■重量 : 約 28 g

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