DE ROSA・PLANET カーボンフレームセット(ブラック×ホワイト・2017 NEW)

Price: 264,000円




The De Rosa Planet is a mid-range, uni-directional hi-modulus carbon fibre road bicycle with a “light sloping” geometry. The Planet is designed to offer an impressive price to quality bicycle and comes with a 68mm bottom bracket with a 68mm diameter, a tapered headset from 1 1/8” to 1 1/2”, internal cable routing, and the option of mounting an electronic groupset.

The De Rosa Planet is the carbon fiber frame that is accessible to every cyclist offering the opportunity to create their perfect bike and be secure in the knowledge that their personal experience the ultimate in performance, comfort and style.

The Planet is offered in a variety of frame sizes and five distinct colors; it is a proven success and the perfect choice for someone taking their first few steps into the incredible world of cycling.

For over 60 years, De Rosa has pushed the boundaries of road racing technology, not to mention sophistication. Their continuous drive to research, develop, and adopt avant-garde solutions has made them one of the most well-known and appreciated Italian brands the world over.



電子式/電動式とメカ式のコンポーネントが搭載可能のコンパチブルフレームで、レースでの使用はもちろん、初めてのDE ROSA、初めてのロードバイクとしてもユーザーの期待を裏切ることはありません。5つのサイズで展開するPLANETは、多様なユーザーのリクエストに応えることができるモデルです。

■フレーム素材 : カーボンモノコック
■BB : PF30 (68×46)
■電子式 / 電動式 / メカニカルコンポーネント対応フレーム
■ブレーキタイプ : トラディショナル / DISC
■サイズ(SL mm) : 470 ・ 500 ・ 530 ・ 550 ・ 580
■カラー : ブラック × ホワイト (Nero Bianco)


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