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New design by illustrator Ana Benaroya. The 'Snake' design is part of a new cycling sock collection by the by Jersey City, USA designer and is the follow up to her debut 'Eye of the Storm' cap collaboration with Cinelli.


■素材 :
■機能 :
■サイズ : XS - S( 37 - 39 ) ・ M - L( 40 - 42 ) ・ L( 41 - 43 ) ・ XL - XXL( 43 - 46 )
■カラー : スター(ネオンイエロー × ブルー系 × ブラック × ホワイト)

As well as her design collaboration with Cinelli, Ana has also contributed artwork designs for New York's Lincoln Center, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Ralph Lauren, and Simon and Shuster.

Ana says that being a decent human being is her proudest accomplishment. When not drawing, screen-printing, or Photoshopping Ana can be found consuming large amounts of hot sauce, usually with a turkey sandwich of sorts.

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