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Cap designed by Neil Bezdek for the Rider Collection series.

The Rider Collection is a special product collaboration project in which riders create their own Cinelli cap design interpretation.

Neil Bezdek is a bike racer, advocate, commuter, and writer based in New York City. Neil grew up mountain biking on singletrack outside of Denver, Colorado before falling in love with road cycling while attending college in scenic Santa Barbara, California.

After a year-long stint as a bike messenger in New York City, Neil took up road racing and competed professionally for three seasons. Now pursuing a "grown up" career in NYC's Department of Transportation's Bike Share Program, Neil still finds time to moonlight as a semi-professional at races across the US while also contributing regularly to Bicycling magazine.

Neil is a four-time winner of the Red Hook Criterium, which we considers his all-time favorite cycling event.


■原産地 : イタリア
■素材 : Cotton 100%
■サイズ : フリー
■カラー : ライトグレー (0094デザイン)

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