Cinelli・ITALO 79 ウインタージャケット(2015-2016 NEW)

Price: 27,856円




Thermal Silver Jacket in Micro10 windproof thermal elastic fabric, with Control+ membrane and team fitting. External Gel-Grip elastic tape, and reflex tape on pocket.

イタロ79 デザインの防風仕様ウインタージャケットです。

Control+ is a highly breathable windproof membrane flexible and light. Ideal for maintaining a constant microclimate between the skin and fabric, durable and versatile, it fits perfectly in any kind of employment.

It is the elastic band affixed to the bottom of trousers and shirts with a strip of silicon gel adheres well to both the body and to other tissues without causing skin irritation and signs.

【MICRO 10】
Micro10 material is windproof and breathable with membrane a fabric with high strength and water-repellent treatment in the Outdoor and warm fleece on the inside. This type of material is suitable for all applications where the need is required to stop the cooling power of wind that, combined with sweat, creates a particular hardship. Micro10 is windproof but guarantees while a breathability. The sweat produced by our body is not blocked but finds a way out to the outside, avoiding condensation or unpleasant sensations of wet.

■サイズ : S ・ M ・ L ・ XL
■カラー : ITALO 79 カラー

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