castelli・NANOFLEX アームウォーマー(ブラック)

Price: 7,955円




Warm breathable Arm warmers with Castelli's advanced Nano silicone treatment for fantastic water resistance. Nano Flex fabric behaves just like Thermoflex fabric in dry conditions, but provides unbelievable water repellency when it starts to rain.


【Nano Flex】

Exclusively engineered by Castelli, NanoFlex consists of Thermoflex fabric with millions of tiny silicone nanofilaments on the surface to create the most water-repellent finish ever. In wet conditions, water droplets simply bounce off the fabric without leaving a trace. The silicone nanofilaments also trap a layer of air between them for excellent insulation and prevent water from soaking through to the fabric underneath. In dry conditions, Nanoflex provides the same warmth and feel of regular thermoflex fabric. NanoFlex is not completely waterproof but maintains full stretch, breathability and freedom of movement for weatherproof protection with un-compromised performance in all conditions.

■Water - resistant Nano Flex fabric
■Same breathability, stretch, and warmth as our standard Thermoflex warmers
■Double-sided silicone grippers keep the warmers in place
■Great in every possible condition
■素材 : 86% polyamide(ナイロン) ・ 14% elastane(スパンデックス)
■適応温度 : 10 ~ 16 ℃
■サイズ(目安体重 kg) : S ( 45 - 60 ) ・ M ( 60 - 70 ) ・ L ( 70 - 80 )
■カラー : ブラック