CAMPAGNOLO・POTENZA エルゴパワーシフター(ブラック)

Price: 24,750円


The Campagnolo Potenza Powershift 11s Ergopower Shifter Set maintains the fantastic ergonomics of the entire Campagnolo Revolution 11+ line, offering grip and control that is identical to the versions the professional riders demand.

While the ergonomics have been maintained, the hypoallergenic silicone material hoods have been slightly altered in order to offer even better grip and comfort.

The internal mechanism that permits the Power-Shift function has been modified and improved to offer not only increased performance but also unrivaled durability.

Power-Shift permits one single downshift at a time and this function permits the incorporation of an internal lever on both left and right Ergopower commands that is identical to the widely appreciated ergonomic controls of the EPS commands.

The downshifting action for the front derailleur is blocked at one click to avoid any issues of dropped chains. Upshifting is possible at up to three gears with one single action and the new Ergopower internal mechanism, together with the new front derailleur, make upshifting a nearly effortless action. A 3-click movement ensures greater efficiency in upshifting and a reduced range of motion necessary for the user.

■対応スピード : 2 × 11スピード
■V3 Campagnolo Ergonomics
■Improved Silicon Grips
■Single Downshifts
■Triple Upshifts
■カラー : ブラック
■重量 : 約 370 g (ペア)

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