BMC・リプレイス・リアディレーラーハンガー(Team Elite 01用)

Price: 4,190円

Most race courses are trim enough that you may never need one of these.

Thoughtful race directors ready the trail prior to the events and hopefully there won't be any menacing logs hidden trailside that could take out your derailleur.But are you gonna chance it and let an extra few grams keep you from finishing on your bike? We know how luck sometimes goes, so we always carry a spare hanger. This one fits the Team Elite, also known as TE01 frames.

The Team Elite Derailleur Hanger is made of aluminum and comes with two small threaded bolts to attach it to your dropout. The actual weight with included hardware is 19 grams. This hanger will only fit the 2011 year model Team Elite 01 and Fourstroke 02.

■適合フレーム : BMC Team Elite 01 ・ Fourstroke 02
■重量 : 19 g

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