Price: 41,877円


Great tracking, lightweight and aesthetically without peer, the 3T Funda Team Stealth Fork is a pro-inspired choice.

The 3T Funda Team Stealth is a fork that puts proven pro bike handling in the hands of every rider.

The all-carbon-fiber Funda builds into a stronger, lighter front end that tracks true and delivers perfect handling. The fork blades are a highly evolved - an asymmetric aerofoil shape that smoothes airflow and reduces wind drag at speed.

The Funda Team Stealth is finished in unidirectional matte black with gloss black detail and a 3T logo on the shoulder. Now also available in tapered head-tube version for even greater stiffness and accuracy.

■素材 : カーボンファイバー
■サイズ : 700
■コラム径 : 1 - 1/8"
■タイヤクリアランス : 約 43 mm (700c)
■仕上 : UD Gloss Black
■重量 : 約 335 g

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